Buying a home is typically the most significant investment for an individual or a family, making the process both exciting and overwhelming, especially for first-time home buyers. Understanding the process and having the right agent to assist you can make home buying enjoyable and rewarding. We are dedicated to ensuring you are well informed of the current market dynamics, the steps and commitments you will be making, as well as guiding you through the local and legal requirements to property ownership.


We will look out for your risks
We negotiate on your behalf and focus on our fiduciary responsibility to you, our client.


There are many requirements in the home buying process on local, statewide and federal levels. It will take time and  communication to consider the important factors in deciding which home to buy, including desired locations, proximity to work, schools and transportation, neighborhood characteristics, community requirements, financing options and price  ranges.


Selecting an Agent-

  • Review recommendations and local agents
  • Interview and select your agent
  • Review and sign any upfront paperwork
  • Get references for mortgage brokers
  • Begin review of financing options



  • Run a free credit report on yourself
  • Interview mortgage brokers
  • Figure out how much you can afford
  • Determine which loan package is right for you
  • Select a mortgage banker
  • Fill out application and provide documentation
  • Get pre-approval letter confirming loan details


Home Search-

  • Identify home needs and wants with your agent
  • Review areas based on needs and price range
  • Set plan with your agent for new listing updates
  • Preview homes and explore neighborhoods
  • See homes and refine the best options

As your Buyer’s Agent YOU are our priority.  

We work on YOUR behalf as we

navigate the buying process of your NextHome


Purchase Offer- 

  • Identify a home you want to purchase
  • Discuss offer options/ strategy with your agent
  • Determine offer details
  • Agent to write, submit and present the offer and review response with you
  • Negotiations until an accepted offer


Accepted Offer-

  • Receive a copy of the ratified contract
  • Agent to open an escrow account
  • Deposit earnest monies
  • Review timeline and milestones in the offer
  • Initiate next steps in financing process
  • Take steps to meet all contractual obligations



  • Agent to schedule all inspections
  • Meet the inspectors at the property for inspections
  • Review seller disclosures, inspection reports and agent visual inspection
  • Make requests and schedule any follow up inspections with your agent
  • Determine next steps with your agent


Secure Financing-

  • Agent to provide mortgage broker with accepted offer
  • Buyer to provide additional requested documentation
  • Appraisal ordered and preformed
  • Review appraisal results
  • Provide any follow up requests from the lender until final sign off
  • Receive final approval letter
  • Determine next steps with your agent


Final Processes-

  • Continue to review all required contractual and legal obligations
  • Review timeline and contingencies (conditions) of the contract
  • Continued negotiations if applicable
  • Secure a Homeowner’s Insurance Policy
  • Sign all final paperwork
  • Sign loan and required documents through the title company
  • Deposit remaining funds for down payment and closing costs


Closing to Final Walk Through-

  • Receive closing confirmation
  • Get keys
  • Move in!